Our subcontract division offers blasting cleaning services in Airblast and Wheelblast process. We have various machines in use within the division. We offer quick turnaround times and competitive prices.

We do work for Foundries, Machine shops, Fabricators, Scrap metal processors, Engineering companies, Shotblast subcontractors.

  • Very competitive prices
  • 24hr turnaround available
  • We process parts in Steel, Aluminum, Copper/Bronze, Cast iron, Glass, Plastic, Nickel/Cobalt/Titanium alloys.
  • Media available in different sizes of Steel shot, Cast iron grit, Stainless steel shot, Aluminum oxide, Soda, Glass bead
  • Max. weight 5,000 kgs
  • Material sorting and segregation available
  • Loading facilities with transport available
  • Process advice
  • On site laboratory
  • ARL 2460 spectrometer (Chemical analysis)
  • Digital microscope (Microstructure)
  • Mitutoyo Wizhard (Hardness tester)
  • Taylor Hobson Surtonic (Profile analysis)
  • Hocking Locator 2s (Ultrasonic analysis)
  • Niton hand held analyser for Positive Material Identification
  • Surface cleanliness measured using Swedish Standards SA1 to SA2.5
  • Surface roughness measured with Taylor Hobson Surtonic